place v. space

when houses become homes and cities become communities
"Sustainable development is like teenage sex - everybody claims they are doing it but most people aren’t, and those that are, are doing it very badly"
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"If an object is connected to its surroundings and made aware through data, it has the potential to become an active and engaged participant in its environment, capable of having conversations with passer-byers and emoting its current feelings"

Sam Slover on how the ‘internet of things’ could change cities. (via thisbigcity)

This is great. I’m currently in Australia working at Testing Grounds, a site which embodies this idea beautifully.

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The Future Of Architecture Is 'Agile' →



"[O]ur current conception of design is bound up within a pathological form of growth. It is understandably fun to engage in the edgy, attention-getting art-novelties of our consumer-based design culture. But it is silly to suppose that this approach is in any genuine sense progressive, sustainable, or “modern.” In fact it is only reactionary orthodoxy, clinging to a nearly century-old, outmoded conception of industrial modernity. True modernity lies…in a different way of thinking about what it is to design for the full participation of all human beings, for living systems, and for a living planet."

One of last year’s best series of urbanism articles (IMO)

Beautiful. Just beautiful.

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I’m currently in suburban New Jersey, so this quote really hits home.

I’m currently in suburban New Jersey, so this quote really hits home.

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I am leaving for Australia tomorrow to go work with these amazing people! I could not be more excited. Check them out.

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"If you want a culture of innovation, there are certain conditions for it. The culture of an organization is about habits and habitats—creating a habitat where people feel their ideas are welcomed, empowered and rewarded, and creating a physical environment that develops new ideas."
Ken Robinson (via stoweboyd)

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